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Professional laser light shows, high power laser display advertising, custom projection mapping rentals, sales, and service.

Laser Mapping

Large scale projection mapping is available for a wide array of innovations across many industries. This is a specialized service with complex projection graphics and animation designed for spectacular high profile presentations. There is no limit with the scale and design options with high power laser projection mapping services worldwide.

Laser Logos - Laser Advertising

Cutting edge laser advertising displays or laser logo billboards are available for brand marketing or product launches. This new technology is available for large campaigns in any city around the World or multiple cities at the same time. Custom laser advertising designs can be specifically tailored towards products or brands with themes and attractive presentations. Laser display advertising can be seen in the daytime or nighttime from long distances away. High trafficked locations such as large buildings, skyscrapers, monuments and mountains are just a few of the many laser advertising locations available.

Laser Effects Broadcast / Feature Film Shoots

Live broadcast televised production laser light shows for award shows and live broadcast concert events or holiday specials. Feature film, music video or motion picture film shoot laser light special effects are available on set locations or studios around the globe. Extremely high power Class IV laser systems are great for special effects on film that appear more realistic. CGI or "Computer Generated Graphics" are not quite as detailed as actual laser light special effects on sets, sound stages and in studios. On-set laser light rental services can save costs on your next film shoot.

Laser Show Rentals

High power laser light show entertainment production rental services for high profile mainstream concert tours, festivals and corporate events. Creative laser shows are custom designed for choreography with live performances, presentations and large displays. Popular mainstream artists, performers and live bands look for high power advanced laser light show choreography and special effects for the "wow" factor on stage for live shows around the globe.

Laser Product Sales And Installations

Laser product sales and installations worldwide are available. Class IV high power TEPW laser projection systems, laser advertisement display systems and laser template outline projector systems for painting commercial aircraft and large ships. These laser projector product lines allow powerful technology to assist your business with high efficiency products available for sales and worldwide installation services.

Laser Manufacturing

Custom laser manufacturing for commercial and industrial applications. Industrial laser projection systems to help product manufacturing with factory assembly lines reduce product manufacturing errors, labor and assist the manufacturing process to help manufacturers create quality products. Laser display advertising systems are also available for sales and or installations to take your companies brand marketing or product campaigns to a larger market or audience. Custom systems are available upon request.

Sky Laser Light Shows

Extreme sky laser light show rental services are popular services provided to civic events, film productions, government research, science and for large outdoor sky entertainment. Extreme sky laser shows or sky laser projection services are special request and require advanced planning. Extreme sky lasers are very powerful full color spectrum and can easily be seen from very long distances in miles or kilometers away.

Laser Graphic Animation Movies

Laser graphic animation movies are short commercials or promotions designed for large scale displays in full color high power laser light. These laser media promos are popular with large corporate events and advertising display campaigns. This cutting edge technology utilizes multiple services for the laser projection production.

Lighting Production Services

Lighting production services are available for film or live stage productions. Theatrical stage lighting, animated lighting and special effect rental lighting production services.

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