Laser Safety Services

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® offers Certified Laser Safety Officer or laser safety training courses at certificate level training or advanced level laser safety training courses. Laser safety training courses are offered for commercial, industrial, entertainment, and scientific industries that require a Certified Laser Safety Officer (CLSO). A Laser Safety Officer is a title issued to personal who are trained and certified in general laser safety and industry-specific laser safety training for equipment use types and managing employees in the operation of equipment or are near the operating area of laser machinery or specialized equipment that utilizes lasers including high power entertainment laser light show projection systems.

“Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide offers multiple levels of laser safety training certification.”

Laser lighting for feature Film and live broadcast televised events


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Additional Laser Safety Services

  • FDA / CDRH Registration
  • Laser Consultancy
  • Laser Protection Adviser
  • Laser Safety Audits / Inspections
  • Laser Safety Equipment Installation / Placement
  • IEC Laser Safety Registration
  • Laser Sky Safety / Aviation / Air traffic / Aircraft Laser Safety
  • Government Notices (LOD) NOTAM

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Laser Safety Training Certification

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TEP Worldwide Laser Safety Training Course
Laser Safety Training Course for Laser Industry Employees, Operators, Personal, Staff, Corporations, Factories, Manufacturers And Government Agencies Around The Globe.

All persons using Class 3R, Class 3B, and Class 4 lasers should receive laser safety training. For Class 3R lasers this training may be quite concise.  In addition, all corporations, industrial factories, film or live event entertainment industries, and manufacturing facilities using Class 3B, Class 4, or Invisible inferred Class 3R lasers are required to implement an on-site Professionally Certified Laser Safety Officer(s) who should have the appropriate laser certification training based on the laser use or facility environment(s).

Multiple Levels of Laser Safety Training Certification

Laser hazard awareness training

Recommended for those who work in a special environment with lasers, but who have no need of in-depth technical knowledge. This might include laser machine operatives, laser product assembly line workers, and any other staff not using lasers but who are in proximity to lasers. (For theatre foreman, supervisor, factory / industrial workers, laser operators, scientific personal, and laser production staff we recommend our Laser Safety Training Course).

Standard laser safety training

Recommended for at least one member of staff in all situations where the above classes of lasers are used. This level of training is appropriate for the Laser Safety Officer (where applicable); and it is also appropriate for research staff, design engineers, and others with technical knowledge.

Course Options

There are many options described below. The course at the National Physical Laboratory has a set program, but other courses from TEP Worldwide will be tailored to your needs. Please let us know if there are specific topics you would like covered. (In some cases there may be an extra charge if the new course material is required.) All laser safety training is to the latest laser safety standards, European directives or American guidelines and the United Kingdom or United States laws.

Laser Safety Training Course:

Option one: One-day laser safety course normally held April/May and October/November. Click here for the course summary.
Please book with TEP Worldwide directly for faster service online by visiting the email contact from this Website, or contact Steve Anderson at TEP worldwide on 017 0748 48757 with a company purchase order or "PO".

Option Two: In-house laser safety training course held at your company site for unlimited numbers of people. Click here for the course summary. Note that courses will be tailored to the needs of the trainees, and therefore some subjects will be omitted and others emphasized as required.

Laser Hazard Awareness Training Course

The course can be completed within a morning or afternoon, or staff can be split into two groups and trained in separate sessions.

Click here for the course summary.

Combined Courses (Laser Hazard Awareness + Laser Safety Training)

Two-hour laser hazardous environmental awareness course for laser operatives followed by rest of day intensive training for Laser Safety Officer.

Please note that other combinations of training are possible, including combining training with consultancy visits, laser safety audits, etc., which can keep costs down. To discuss your training requirements or requests in relation to any aspect of our Laser Safety Training please contact the sales department who will be happy to help.

Laser Safety Standards, European Guidelines, and United Kingdom (UK) Law Codes

All laser safety training is current up-to-date laser safety standards, European Directives, and UK law. These include as follows:

  • Health & Safety in the Workplace Act
  • Machinery (Directives)
  • Low Voltage (Directives)
  • PPE Directive
  • EN 60825-1
  • EN 60825-2 (if applicable)
  • EN 60825-12 (if applicable)
  • IEC 60825-14
  • EN 207

Laser Show Safety – Basic Principles

1. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide laser safety conduct.

2. The most important factor when producing a laser light show is public safety in all regions of the World.

3. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® will not present a show which is hazardous (potentially unsafe), or change or modify a safe show so that it becomes hazardous.

4. TEP Worldwide will not allow others to override safety considerations, such as show producers or clients.

5. TEP Worldwide continuously monitors all surrounding activity during any rental laser light show, laser special effects, direct sky laser projection shows or advertising so that hazardous conditions can be detected before any occurrence. In such a case, the condition will be corrected or the laser emission will be immediately terminated (within a few seconds).

a. This is most commonly done using a trained operator who knows what hazardous conditions to monitor, and who knows how to immediately terminate the laser emission

b. Alternatively, continuous monitoring may be done by an automated system if it provides a reliable, equivalent level of safety.

c. Some shows and displays may not require continuous monitoring if audiences and other non-service persons cannot access the beams under reasonably foreseeable conditions. An example is a fully enclosed rear-projection system.

6. Laser safety standards and guidelines should be followed at all times, including during setup/installation, and for all persons in the area, whether general audiences, performers, production staff, etc.

a. For some persons such as performers, there may need to be special safety measures such as dead man's switch or additional monitoring, to ensure they are in a correct position when lasers are used near them.

7. TEP Worldwide utilizes laser safety backup methods to ensure that if our laser beams do not hit a target, they will not pose a hazard. This can include

  • a. physical backups such as beam stops / blocks or having the beam terminate on a building (NOT a window)

  • b. apertures, beam masks, or electronic limits on laser scanners at the laser projection system, to limit beam movement

  • c. monitoring so a misaligned beam is noticed and causes emergency laser power shut down.

8. Laser Light Show Wattage / Power Safety Limits

  • b. Regardless of the laws which may apply, it MUST be done safely in accordance with generally accepted exposure limits issued by engineering groups such as ANSI (Z136.1) or IEC (60825.1 and 60825.3) or required by regulatory bodies such as U.S. FDA/CDRH. ILDA does not recommend or require any specific standard/regulation.

9. Extreme Sky Laser Shows or Ground Level Terminated Extreme Laser Show Graphic Animation Entertainment Services

Worldwide Outdoor Production Location Idea Examples:

  • Extreme High Power Laser Light Show Entertainment with large scale long-distance laser show projections into the sky with full governmental approval/clearance in many Countries on a massive global scale. Custom sky laser light show rental design production services require advanced notice in order to allow for government sky laser approvals. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® also provides talented Choreography with extremely high power sky laser light show rental entertainment with large scale professional fireworks shows primarily for major city holiday special events or festivals, corporations, private events, concert tours, major sporting events, grand openings, celebrations, product launch, movie premiers, public or non-public high-profile celebrity events and more.

  • Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® provides spectacular laser light show production services and you take the bows.

  • et a generally accepted standard/regulation.

  • c. In determining compliance, appropriate laser light-measuring instruments must be used in a standard valid manner. The eye alone cannot determine if a laser exposure standard laser power meter may not be appropriate for these measurements. (Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® provides information for energy testing live with a quality laser wattage meter that will accurately measure the output energy level of the laser)

10. If the above-referenced standards are not clearly understood (Reference ANSI and/or IEC),

11. When doing outdoor shows, Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide will not illuminate aircraft with light levels which – although eye safety under the MPE may be bright and hot enough to cause direct aircraft damage, distraction, veiling glare, or temporary flash blindness of aircraft pilots, especially during critical flight phases such as landing and takeoff. Many countries may require outdoor shows to be evaluated and approved in advance by aviation authorities (e.g, U.S. FAA or U.K. CAA). Common safety measures can include:

  • a. Restricting high-power laser beams from heavy traffic areas such as flight paths near airports.

  • b. Termination of beams on nearby buildings, mountains, or other structures. (Because helicopters may be able to fly between the laser source and a termination point, even terminated beams may need to be monitored.)

  • c. Aircraft spotters in radio communication directly with the laser operator can monitor the local airspace. The laser light beam or scan can be powered off or redirected (moved rapidly) if there is a potential of a safety problem detected in any way. Aircraft safety is an important factor with the professional operations of any laser projected into the sky.