Lighting Production Services

Our experienced staff works with each client to turn their vivid imagination into reality, while assisting them to stay on-time and on-budget.

Major clients from around the Globe utilize Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® for rentals, sales and services with advanced high power lighting technologies primarily utilized for many forms of state of the art special effects and professional lighting design production innovation for some of the recent major concert tours, festivals, fashion show events, conventions, trade shows, government events, holiday large scale city events, professional science projects, educational projects and main stream custom lighting design production services. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® specializes in one-of-a-kind custom manufactured special effect high power Class IV laser light effect projection systems and professional lighting systems that propel many types of unique event productions into the future and beyond.

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® since 1998, we’ve been assisting clients create spectacular visions while bringing that imagination to reality with the World’s leader in high power laser light shows and professional lighting design services. 

“Quality innovations has been the main guiding principle here at Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide®, and our principal mission is to produce the Globe’s finest quality high power laser show projection light display systems, backed up with the professional services and support you would expect to receive.”

Laser lighting product sales and service

Short Notice Service Requests

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® is ready to meet your short notice production scheduling mandates. We can meet our client needs for any of the following.

  • Film shoots
  • Motion picture / feature film on set production locations
  • Worldwide concert tours
  • Sound stage
  • Fashion show events
  • Festivals
  • EDM massive events
  • Open airs
  • Grand openings
  • Media events
  • Block-buster movie premieres
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Corporate events
  • Product launch events
  • Product branding or promotional presentations
  • Custom product photo shoots
  • Company holiday events
  • Government installation projects
  • Private events
  • And many other unique custom rentals

Installations and or custom manufactured production equipment services are provided to almost any location anywhere in the World. We offer our finest custom production services for concert tours, high profile special events and large scale extravagant celebrity non-disclosure private events at a moment’s notice upon request. We have a company representative standing by ready to assist expediting our client’s custom high power laser light show rental, professional lighting design special effect production service requirements.

Additional Custom Rental Production Services Listed Below

State of the Art Event Lighting Equipment

  • Full color, high power Class IV laser light shows (Listed Below)
  • Vari-Lite – VL-3000 VL-1000
  • Hi-End Systems – DL Series – Studio Wash – Studio Spot
  • AF-1000s
  • Video projection
  • 9x12 sceens in 4k and 8k lumen ranges
  • 1200, 575, 250 watt studio spots
  • 700HX watt intellibeams
  • 250 & 1,200 watt Robe moving fixtures stage washes
  • 1,200+ watts stage par lighting
  • Professional lighting dimmer systems
  • Ellipsoidals in high wattage ranges
  • Cyberlight litho 600 watt(s)
  • Fresnels btl-500 watt
  • Btr-1000 watt
  • Kliegel 2000 watt
  • Cyc strips 750 watt
  • Professional Follow spots 2k, 4k (High Power Options)
  • HMI 1,000 watt, 2,500 watt, 4,000 watt fixture(s)
  • 2,000 watt Xenon (arena or large venues only)
  • Large inventory of advanced lighting effects instruments

Special Effect Lasers & Lighting

  • Extreme ultra high-power laser light show rental services : 2 watt - 300 watt(s)
  • Standard Fog rental systems / Extreme jet fogger rental systems and haze rental atmospheric enhancement effects
  • Strobes : 1,000 watt - 10,000 watt(s)
  • LED lighting
  • High quality blinders: 300 watt - 5,000 watt(s)
  • Aerial laser projections
  • Custom laser logo projections
  • Animated laser graphics
  • Animated laser text signage billboard display services
  • Custom lighting design services
  • Gobo design imagery or logo projection display services (Laser or Lighting)
  • Backdrops
  • Special effect laser grand opening / entrance presentations
  • Theatrical lighting stage wash effects
  • Customized video projection special effects

Examples of Lighting Production Services