Event Laser Mapping Logo Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Laser projection mapping for stadium playing fields with high power laser logos, slogans and graphic animation advertisements. Corporate events in stadiums for large scale companies with giant production rental design requests. Extreme high power laser projection mapping is an advanced form of large scale displays that utilize multiple laser light projector systems that are specifically placed or installed as per the venue size or design. Company logos are very popular with corporate events to project pride or make a statement with the employees. Live sporting events also make use of the stadium grass playing field with laser advertising logos or brand marketing displays. Stadiums are amazing places for laser projection mapping rental or sales installations due to the venue design and capacity size. The combination of the size of the venue and the amount of people viewing 360 degrees around a giant grass playing field. This stadium field area can become a giant laser viewing screen for a very long list of optional advertising and media display applications.

This new idea for laser projection mapping that normally is used on buildings, skyscrapers, monuments and other large architectural structures. Laser stadium projection mapping is a new concept recently introduced to the grass playing field with extremely high reflective applications without any damage to the grass. Many tests were performed in recent years with live grass and artificial grass to ensure the lasers were far enough away from the grass while projecting so the laser did not cause any safety issues with the field. Stadiums around the globe from Football stadiums in the United States to Soccer Stadiums in the United Kingdom and South America are taking an interest in high power laser display advertising for stadiums. Advanced laser software media is very optional with adaptive laser graphic animation applications for complex brand marketing or product advertisements.