Major clients from around the Globe utilize Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® for Sky Laser Show rentals, sales, installations, custom product manufacturing and Sky Laser Light ISS Space Laser services.

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® a major industry leader in customized Class IV high power sky aerial laser light show graphic animation projection services around the World. Extreme high power laser logos can be custom projected on very large scales for maximum long distance visibility in a wide assortment of brightly illuminated full spectrum laser light color gamut selections.

Extreme Sky Laser Shows or Ground Level Terminated Extreme Laser Show Graphic Animation Entertainment Services

Worldwide Outdoor Production Location Idea Examples:

Extreme High Power Laser Light Show Entertainment with large scale long distance laser show projections into the sky with full governmental approval / clearance in many Countries on a massive Global scale. Custom high powered class IV sky laser light show rental or installation design production services require advanced notice in order to allow for government sky laser approvals in many countries.

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® also provides talented Choreography with extreme high power sky laser light show rental entertainment with large scale professional fireworks shows primarily for:

  • Major civic holiday celebratory special events
  • Large festivals
  • Corporations
  • Private events
  • Major sporting events
  • Grand openings
  • Celebrations
  • Product launch
  • Movie premiers
  • Public or non-public high-profile celebrity events and more

“Extreme high power laser logos can be custom projected on very large scales for maximum long distance visibility in a wide assortment of brightly illuminated full spectrum laser light color gamut selections.”

Laser lighting product sales and service

Educational Lasers, Science Testing Lasers And Government Research Lasers

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® is leading the Class IV laser light industries in educational, science and government research applications. Over the past 20 years of business excellence TEP Worldwide has gained amazing client relations when it comes to high powered lasers projected into the sky.

There are many various industry sectors conducting research with advanced technology development contracting Ultra High Power sky Laser projection systems. These laser systems are leased or rented not for the brilliance of a light show but for a wealth of information gained from laser testing product specific items with a wide-range of methods including; laser color spectrum wavelength options, high power output laser energy and specified laser beam characteristics or divergence.

Class IV High Power Sky Lasers applications for industries are endless for weather study or atmospheric analysis testing research, distant landscape or mountainous geography, HP Lasers used in specialized projects with NASA or the "ISS" International Space Station with governmental or commercial applications.

(Photos Below) Show multiple projects for science and education at the Kennedy Space Center located in Titusville, Florida. Extreme sky laser light rental equipment services shown below: Orion Capsule test rocket launch Delta II Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral with an extremely powerful sky laser light direct beam projection into Space 24 hours prior to the televised rocket launch in U.S. Military / Government Classified Airspace.

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® is the only commercial company to have ever been granted clearance to project a visible high power sky laser light system into the sky during an active NASA rocket launch. The other services provided to NASA KSC-DNC were tracking of the "ISS" International Space Station across the sky while terminating on the solar panel array on the International Space Station for science and educational presentations. These and other projects conducted with NASA were conducted over multiple dates and time frames as individual projects with TEP Worldwide.

Laser lighting product sales and service

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® provides the spectacular Ultra Sky Laser Light Source production services and you take the bows for entertainment industry clients and as for government, science and education in relation to extreme sky laser light shows or high power Class IV laser systems we extend our thanks for completed projects or demonstrations.