Laser Show Rentals

Laser light shows are amazing works of art from gigantic large scale presentations to smaller up close and personal displays.

Our Class III-B, Class III-R and Class IV high power beam laser shows feature carefully choreographed and rehearsed to enhance any large scale event themes, higher profile fashion shows around the globe, open airs or arena or stadium live stage concert tours worldwide, live televised celebrity presentations, trade shows, conventions, expositions, live television award show or sporting events, EDM festivals or electronic music concerts, government events, civic holiday events, large corporate events and elite private celebrity events.

Laser light entertainment shows can be some of the most spectacular forms of amazement for almost any audience, private guests, event goers and can be professionally choreographed with live music such as live bands, artists, performers, magicians, presenters, event hosts and grand entries. TEP Worldwide has compiled a vast archive of thousands of creative high power laser-light-show designs and artistic creations to choose from or custom designs can be created from idea requests, storyboards, artist rider sets criteria demands for 3D Laser Shows or live performance laser productions, special request themes and other innovative laser designs.

“Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide has over two decades of experience with advanced high power laser light show rental and specialized laser lighting design production services.”

Massive laser show

What Are Advanced Laser Light Shows?

Rays of brightly illuminated moving laser light photons utilizing advanced high speed scanning technologies that create very powerful graphic light animation of visible colors while projecting into the air. High Power Laser Shows can easily entertain an audience with tens or even hundreds of thousands of attendees, guests and or event goers any where in the world.

Laser light shows are also a global language of entertainment for any culture, nation and or country for all to enjoy. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide contracts leading specialized artists with amazing one of a kind laser graphic design skills that will take your breath and the audiences breath away.



Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide is committed to fulfilling each of our client's unique special effect requirements wherever their projects may take them. We also provide the ability for:

  • Choreographed animated laser shows with live performances
  • Special effects laser patterns for specific timecodes
  • Powerful CO2 effects with lasers (NEW)
  • Theatrical laser presentations for events of all sizes

Laser Equipment

  • 15-110 watt RGB, custom direct diode laser light projectors
  • RYGBV full spectrum lasers in DPSS, Direct Diode, and OPSL,CW & KTP technologies
  • 1,700 watt Class IV, high power laser systems sales only (Sky Only)
  • 10-40 watt Argon, Krypton, white light, & full spectrum color water-cooled lasers
  • 05-10 watt RGB Full Color, white light, low wattage, direct diode laser projectors (All Weather)

Special Effect Laser Lighting

  • High-power laser light shows: 05 watts - 110 watts Slick laser systems Class IV
  • Extreme level high power laser light shows 1,000 watts - 2,000 watts - Outdoor Rental Only
  • Theatrical Fog, Smoke and Haze Atmospheric Enhancement Indoor-Outdoor effects
  • Extreme laser show high speed 60 kpps graphics projector
  • Custom laser logo projections
  • Animated laser graphics projectors
  • Animated text laser projectors


  • Theatrical stage laser projector rental
  • Theatrical tour laser projector systems
  • Customized laser light cone effects
  • Unique Laser props
  • Specialized laser platform rigging & trussing
  • Staging & architectural laser light designs

Holidays & Government Events

  • Holiday public laser displays
  • Parades with lasers
  • Political conventions with laser grand openings
  • Troop entertainment laser light shows

Private Events

  • Large private parties with laser effects
  • Celebrity events with high profile laser effects
  • Theme production laser effects
  • Large scale high profile wedding laser light effects

Concert Laser Light Shows

  • Large arenas with laser shows choreographed
  • Stadiums with laser shows choreographed
  • Festivals with laser shows choreographed
  • Convention centers and pavilions with laser shows
  • Multi-venue laser light production services
  • Sporting event presentation laser show grand entry
  • Benefit concert laser shows
  • Cruise ship event laser light show productions
  • Amphitheater & open air concert laser light shows

Examples of Laser Show Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Laser Show?
    A Laser Show is an array of high power light that is a full spectrum of natural colors that are controlled by high speed scanners along with advanced software designed to entertain.
  • How to find a Laser Show Rental?
    A Laser Show Rental is a professional service that is offered by a licensed company and can be designed for many types of indoor or outdoor enviroments.