Laser Manufacturing

Laser mapping allows maufacturers to use innovative 3D projectors to save time and money by masking and templating.

Over the past 20 plus years TEP Worldwide has been a high volume laser manufacturing producer of extreme high power class IV full color laser light projection systems and advanced 3D laser mapping template systems. Many industrties look to upgrade their manufacturing facilities with advanced laser technoligies. A wide range of laser innovations include product template display mapping for complex product lines from leading manufacturing factories, corporate project research utilizing a vast array of laser technologies or light color spectrums and advanced commercial or government projects.

The industrial applications for advanced high power 3D laser projection tempate mapping are commercial aircraft paint masking for logos and painted patterns without the use of a physical templates. This application is also used for large cruseliners and other ocean going ships that require repeated maintenance. The manufacturing assembly line applications for high power laser projection templates for product manufacturing are; cost saving methods, efficient product laser projection tempates in full color offers a dramatic reduction of product manufacturing errors and laser projected 3D templates speed up the product manufacturing process.


Laser Projection Mapping Industrial Manufacturing System

The principles at TEP Worldwide has a unique worldwide insight into a vast array of industry market resources and opportunities. Laser software manufacturers and or any manufactured products from China are either companies that are not experts in the field of laser sourced products or do not offer high quality that guarantees a customers immediate disappointment. TEP Worldwide offers high value through the following quality manufacturing in the United States:

  1. High quality laser diode implementation manufacturing development and customized laser projection system production facility management. Innovative high powered Ultra laser light projection mapping or "laser mapping" system applications or developing specialized Laser Light design solutions that do not exist currently or available technology in today's marketplace around the globe.

  2. Concept laser light sourced projection system design and customization utilizing the assets of the American Made quality U.S. electronic component industry • build • construct "application" or "High Power Laser" solutions to meet your exact requirements and specifications.

  3.  Product Innovation with high power laser modules or industrial laser light projection system builds tp meet our customers exact requirements on demand.

  4. Product Reliability, heavy duty product component design construction taking manufacturing to the next level of "Quality Innovation" with all weatherized laser products.

“Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® specializes in one-of-a-kind custom manufactured special effect high power Class IV 3D laser light”

Laser lighting product sales and service

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® provides very unique Custom Installation Production Services. Advanced planning and research is conducted by our innovative Engineering Division as we offer a personalized company representative that will work closely on exact design creations based on exact requests or needs.

Custom design assistance is provided upon request for cutting edge indoor or outdoor extreme high power class IV 3D laser light systems or custom manufactured ultra high power sky laser logo company advertising system design or high altitude atmospheric sky laser light innovations from creative experts in our staff. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide® specializes in one-of-a-kind custom manufactured special effect high power Class IV laser light sourced 3D projection systems and technologically advanced lighting systems or light sources that propel many of our spectacular unique visual designs into the 22nd century and beyond.

Custom High Power 3D Laser Projection System Manufacturing Inquiries:

Contact our engineering division for current 3D laser projector product specifications or schedule a development session with one of our high power laser experts.

Engineering Division Email: Can Be Requested

Examples of Laser Manufacturing