Jet Fog System by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Giant high power jet fog machine systems help to design large scale sky laser projections for display advertisment or sky entertainment. The jet fog system creates such enormous clouds that can stretch from miles or kilometers. Normally these jet fog systems are set upwind from the area needed for while projecting a billowing cloud downwind continously for extremely long distances. The clouds generated from the jet fog machine system are in fact so large that the clouds can equil the same size or even larger than the natural atmospheric clouds in the day to day weather in the sky. The jet fog machine system generates artificial clouds that are far denser than natural clouds. This is a win for the jet fog machine system as the intended use for the large artificial fog like clouds are for several uses with extreme high power outdoor sky laser projection systems for both entertainment and display advertising directly into the sky.

This segment we will describe the differences between the use of powerful jet fog machine systems with high power class IV sky laser systems. This segment will also explain how these systems work in combination with the entertainment industry and the brand marketing and product advertising industries worldwide. The enormous size of these dense clouds creates artificial atmospheres in the outdoor environment. These dense clouds are fantastic for laser display advertising and laser logo projection display applications for large ads or logos and high altitude visability. Using artificial clouds allows the advertiser to be in control of the exact locations for the large laser ads or logos in the sky. The other fantastic uses for the jet fog machine are with the entertainment industries by allowing the outside environment to be saturated in a specific area upwind with dense clouds that will take an extremely high power sky laser light show entertainment system and increase the over all brightness and illumination in the surrounding area for large scale entertainment for thousands of people in civic, private and corporate events around the World.