Laser DLP Dolby A with laser Theatre by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Movies or feature film shoots designed for laser projector systems to enhance low color quality and allow for higher shades of color to amaze the viewer or audience with laser projection movies. DLP combined with laser projection scans can really transform a motion picture or feature film. Dolby Labs and Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide have contracted expermintal research projects over a decade ago with Dolby 3D and 2D but the industry is already changing into a new direction. The amazing innovations created when large technology companies work together on projects can be spectacular. Cinema or movie theatre is still currently popular but the technologies that are available today have reduced the attendance over the past decade. Feature film shoots are here to stay but the technology needs to be dramatically improved to keep up with the demand for cutting edge audio and visual appeal to the public. Drive In Movies are still popular for the nostalgia of taking your car or vehicle into the past and publically but at the same time privately enjoying a unique movie experience.

It does appear new laser technology is ready to be implemented into the cinema or movie industry. The popular demands from the movie industry can allow for new changes and upgrades in the way movies or cinema is displayed or projected for multi person viewing platforms or applications. When new technology is available for movie directors and producers it allows for new creative avenues that lead to innovations in the way movies are watched or viewed in public facilities, theatres or drive ins. Public pressure and pressure from the box office feature film or motion picture industries will allow technology time to research new inventive processes that creates that new idea or product. The future of how will movies be changed by the laser will be an interesting adventure for the entertainment industry.