Laser Show Rentals and Lighting by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Extreme laser light shows created to specific themes and designs that are carefully choreographed for a wide variety of live performances on television, mainstream concert tours in stadiums or arenas and large scale corporate events or grand openings. Laser light shows are designed as a specialized lighting effects and creates spectacular arrays of patterns and colors. laser shows are becoming very popular with live events that create an energetic atmosphere that can literally light up a large audience or attending crowd of event goers. These laser light show effects are controlled with advanced laser show computer software designed to control each color wavelength in the visable light spectrum. Laser shows normally offer the neon shades or brighter side of each color used  in a show to intensify the visual effect on the human eye making the light show that much more enjoyable.

 Laser lighting shows have been around from the early days of rock and roll with live concert tours with on stage backdrops in the early 1970's with Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. Today these laser shows are part of almost every part of the live entertainment from the current EDM festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival or Ultra in the United States or Tomorrowland or Westfest around the United Kindom and beyond to the most popular Pop artists along with Country singers or bands to film shoots and feature films. Lasers are very attractive to many cultures around the globe as laser light has become a worldwide attraction enjoyed by millions of people every year in many forms of entertainment. Motion picture or feature films today use computer generated imagery or "CGI" but offen we find requests for live on set high power lasers requested for a wide array of laser light special effects. These film shoot laser light special effects are shot for many types of requests including Science Fiction, Fantasy and Action Movies.