TEP Installation Laser Light Show System by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Advanced high power laser installations, sales and services worldwide. Corporate, industrial and entertainment laser display and projection systems are available from the TEPW Ultra laser projection system series. commercial manufactured laser projection or laser display systems are for sale and our American made. TEPW also has a new line of manufactured laser projection products designed for industrial use with paint masking systems for trace over templates used on commercial airliners and large cargo ships or cruise liners for paint or logo applications. laser display and projection systems available are ranging from low power and limited options with advanced features to extremely high power with a wide array of advanced features that utilize the current technology with wider ability to scan and faster speeds combined with the optional laser projection mapping capabilities. Laser projection mapping capabilities allow for multiple laser display systems or laser projection systems to be combined together to allow for extremely complex graphic or animation capability.

TEPW laser systems are manufactured in the United States with high quality components with a high quality design. Our new laser systems are leading the commercial, entertainment and industrial laser system industries into the future of innovations and advanced technology available for installations, sales and services around the globe from Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide. These laser systems comply with UL standards and class IV laser projection system or laser display system safety standards. Each laser system is optionally programmed and manufactured to your exact use and requirements. Our engineering team is available for any project around the globe and will take the extra time to research your request while providing amazing customer service. Many industries take interest in our adanced laser display and laser projection systems products. Products that are currently available can be tailored to unique environments with high or low tempatures and fully weatherized from rain, snow and windy conditions.