USA Flag Laser Animated Graphics or Entertainment by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

This spectacular laser display of an American US Flag in full graphic laser animation is small part of the many amazing services offered by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide. Innovations with advanced high power laser technology has allowed for the industry to offer amazing services to a wide array of corporate entertainment markets. Laser graphic entertainment can be on display for large scale visability or smaller scale depending on the request and design demand. Laser graphic flags can be created with our specialized software from any Country or from any organization.

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide has introduced advanced laser technology with higher quality graphics and animation able to display extremely complex designs in a static non moving format or fully animated with a vast amount of laser graphic details. These graphics can be utilized for many services ranging from laser movies to corporate presentatins, grand openings and laser display advertising.

The future of advanced technology with light is transforming the globe by offering state of the art inventions that launch industries into creative innovations. These laser innovations are now available options for services for many types of public or private events, concert tours and or advertising campaigns. There are so many requests for our services in so many unique ways that the list of options is endless. Laser graphics or laser animation is custom programmed into specialized laser software that allows for an image, graphic and or animation to be projected in full spectrum color. Custom made graphics can be up $250 US dollars to $500 US dollars or 214.65 Euros to 429.30 Euros per finished minute. Existing artwork, logos and or designs can be converted into our laser software files upon request.

Laser graphics or animation can be uploaded for rental projections, product sales and or special service requests for existing equipment or installations. Please contact our offices around the globe for questions or estimates in relation to our products or services.