Advanced innovations with laser projection systems for painting logos, text lettering patterns or graphics with laser projected templates and outlines. Commercial jet airliners and military aircraft require repaint maintenance frequently. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide is becoming a global leader with custom laser projection systems and laser projection mapping for commercial and industrial applications. Laser projection template outline systems offer cutting edge technology for logos, text lettering, designation and graphic patterns. These laser systems can save labor costs from a faster set up and application. These laser systems are also very efficient and offer precision design with the final completion. Laser Projection Systems offer a long life span and are a very effective tool for the professional painting industries. Faster products and efficient results can be very attractive to many companies across the globe. Popular requests are full color laser systems although specific industries request 532Nm or 520Nm green as that color frequency is the most receptive to the human eye. These laser projection systems are very effective in saving your company costs and material.