Event Tour Laser Light Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Arenas are unlike many stadiums except a select few. Most stadiums are open to the outside air and are exposed to the sky above except a few with retractable roofs that fully close. When the inside of the venues environment is able to have theartical haze or fog to assist on adding the extra element of fine aerial detail to the lighting and mainly high power laser light shows. When theatrical haze in introduced to an environment with high power laser shows it immediately interacts with the laser light beams and patterns to show every smallest detail. This interaction between the laser light and the theatrical haze of fog really brings out the vibrant color variations for the extra "wow" factor inside an arena.

The performances inside an arena are very much the same as stadiums and pavilions except the arena is design strictly as a large scale indoor multipurpose venue. Normally arenas are smaller in size compared to stadiums and this size difference allows for the lighting design high power laser light show to be more intricate in detail for an amazing visual presentation to the audience. Dancing beams of light colors sizzle around the artist or performer to create the amazement in the visual atmosphere from the stage. Lasers are a one of a kind type of special effect style and have been enjoyed more and more as the generations pass.

Some artists or performers will have a specific lighting design for the stage production and including high power laser light shows. Specific songs, performances and presentations can have very specific detailed laser effects and light shows that choreograph with key moments or portions. Laser show projection systems are easy to transport and require a short set up time and only need to be realigned with each venue structure with a preprogrammed laser show.