Live Broadcast Laser Logo Sky Laser Show Pier 39 San Francisco by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Live broadcast network television program "Shark Week" extreme sky laser show and laser logo display projections services. The Discovery Channel contracted Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide for the ability of providing the ultimate high power laser projection systems for aerial sky displays over both the San Francisco Bay, California and over the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. The ground level laser logo projection was the "Shark Week" logo to be projected around the area for the July, 4th city fireworks festivities near Pier 39 and Golden Gate Bridge. High power sky laser systems projections were allow to be placed on the top level of the 5 level parking garage.

Sky shows and laser projections into the sky require advance permission from the government and or aviation authorities prior to any sky display or projection. This process to gain permission is strictly for aviation safety for all aircraft ranging from civilian or military. High power sky laser shows and laser logo projection and display services have only been available in the past several decades due to the limited technology with laser product manufacturing in the past. Today laser projector manufacturing from companies like Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide that manufacture and produce extreme high power class IV laser projectors for a wide range of industry fields. Extreme sky laser projectors have a power output watt range between 80 watts and up to Ultra TEPW Sky Laser System at 1,700 watts. Most ground level indoor or outdoor laser light shows or laser graphic logo animation power output ranges from 20 watts and upto 50 to 80 watts depending on the design and location environmant. High power sky laser projector systems are gaining a great deal of popularity with rentals and sales in the past few years. The demand for laser light product technology has allowed for the development with newer more advanced laser technology to meet the demands of the World.