by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Trade shows and conventions often have vendor booths that want to make the ultimate statement. These statements can attract massive attention to their booth, products and or brand or to showcase a specific demonstration or presentation. The trade shows and conventions to set boundries or limit the amount of lighting or presentation levels that can be presented to the public. The laser light beams can offer a lot of value to the trade show or convention industry with this special effect brightly illuminated attention grabber for event goers and attendees. Laser display convention booth designs are very attractive with the visual appeal to the convention attendees. Some booth designs center their products or brand around a specific theme or visual format. These themes and formats can be laser science experimental displays, product grand highlighting laser effects, laser mirror beam bounce and laser graphic animation.

The laser technology that is requested for today's convention booths has advanced in recent years quite a lot with amazing optional applications. The newly updated software capabilities from our in house laser engineering team is unbeliveable from our laser projector manufacturing division. The laser public display products are often times regulated by a local Fire Department with required permits for class IV laser projection displays or laser light show projector presentations. The amazing possibilities available to vendor booth owners are one of a kind in most cases costomized to fit a very specific visual presentation. Vendor booth structural designs can be larger and more complex with some of the larger vendor booth options available for rental. In some unique convention industries the vendor is allowed to build and design a two store or multiple level vendor booth.

Convention vendor booth owners also have the available option for light shows at high power or extreme laser display advertising or laser logo rental services. These services can be combined with a laser light show presentation or booth display will allow for big discounted rates for rental services while gaining twice the service and public exposure. Laser display ads can be on the inside of the convention venue or the outside depending on the vendor booth owners needs or vision.