Megaevent Laser Systems by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

There are special events around the World that are so huge and giant in total size with the capacity of people and size of the production. These special events are often times called mega events, open airs, festivals and concerts but on the extreme level. The special events are many times themed for special presentations of very high end high profile performances. When an event reaches over 100 thousand or over 300 thousand people in attending capacity the production design needs to equal or match the event size with a higher level of production value. The crowd can be so enormous that there are large LED video screens placed around the stage or performance area so they people in the back or away from the stage still can view the performance from a distance.

 Once the stage and giant LED video screens are in place then the stage lighting and extreme high power outdoor laser light shows come into place. Lasers are so powerul and bright that they can scan special effects, graphics and animation right over the top of the entire or whole audience where other lighting technologies would come up short. The larger the event is the more fireworks are used together with or choreographed around the stage lighting and extreme high power laser light show projector systems. Professional fireworks companies and high power laser light show production companies often work together on the large scale productions to form designs with the event promoter or stage production. These designs can create amazing memorable moments in time that keep the audiences and crowds coming back for more time after time. Giant or mega events are sometimes key moments in history that are memorable for not only the acts, performers and artists but the event goers or ticket holders also take these events as mind blowing. The entertainment industries will continue to bring the most advanced technology available to keep the crowds coming back for the next event.