Extreme Sky Laser Light Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

The sky is an amzing place for a high power laser light show for entertainment or large scale presentations. Sky laser shows make quite the statement with brightly illuminated rays of light patterns and animated aerial graphics in the sky. These sky shows are visible for very long distances and can be seen for over 10-40 miles or kilometers away in distance based on the current weather conditions at the moment of the laser sky projection display. Sky laser projectors are very powerul systems not normally for sale to the public unless requested for professional uses with corporate interests or government interests worldwide. Sky laser power ranges can exceed 2,000 watts at the high level ranges of output. White sky lasers are also available that create full specturm laser shows that are spectacular for entertainment. Sky laser light show projector systems are manufactured by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide in the USA or United States with services and product sales across the globe.

Sky lasers or laser projected or displayed directly into the sky in many Countries require government notification to gain approval. Some of this notification is to ensure aircraft safety and safe aviation airspace while high power lasers are in operation projecting into the sky. High power sky lasers are for entertainment, corporate displays and science or education services. Sky lasers can also be used in display advertising but the laser display advertising systems are manufactured differently with less graphic animation capability. These designs are proprietary with manufactured laser systems and are slowly being introduced into global commerce. Sky laser shows can be choreographed with professional fireworks companies to entertain huge crowds or audiences for civic events, grand openings and private celebrations. Sky lasers can also be custom programmed for astrology science and education for government agencies and technology companies around the World for research or demonstrations.