Fashion Show Lighting and Truss Angle Support Towers on Stage by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Spectacular high profile fashion show events require only the best in production design. The runways or stage presentations normally require custom stage designs to meet the fashion show theme and the runway model presentations. A standard fashion show normally has a runway with stage lighting or runway lighting to showcase the models and the fashion. High profile fashion shows with headliners require advanced production design with stage lighting, animated lighting and special effects. Runways can be the focus for a wide array of production and lighting designs that present each model with specialized themes, backdrops, special effects and lighting designs. Archways that are created from lighting truss make fantastic entryways onto the stage surrounded by designs and lighting effects to enhance the runway presentation for the models. Fashion shows like Fashion Week are very high end events that are the pride of the fashion community. The larger the stage, runway and production is the higher value the event presentation is normally.

The theatrical stage lighting, runway up lighting and truss design is extremely important to the fashion designers so the presentations from each model highlighted. The fashion show is an event specifically designed to showcase fashion designs on live models. The lighting is one of the main factors with priority focused with highlighting the fashion designs. Some fashion designers have very specific color patterns with their clothing line apparel and the fashion show lighting is the most important factor with the presentation. Specific lighting color tones can drastically change the look of moden apparel. The theatrical lighting production company pays special attention to detail by working with fashion show promoters and clothing line apparel companies or fashion designers directly to ensure a quality production lighting design. The lighting placement and show choreography are specific attention to detail production aspects with moden fashion show events around the globe.