High Power Laser Light Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Entertainment laser light shows produced with high power output wattage for the maximum full color spectrum visual special effect lighting show experience can amaze gatherings or extremely large event productions, concerts, corporate presentations and or film shoot backdrops. Laser light shows create moving or static patterns of dancing or animated color specturms to entertain large groups of people or thousands of event goers or attendees. Laser light show companies offering high power laser services above class IV in many Countries are required to operate or manufacture with a specialized variance or license. These regulations to operate or manufacture with high power laser systems used in public environments are designed for safety standards.

The light show was developed for rock concerts by the rock band Pink Floyd from the UK or United Kingdom and lasers we incorporated into concerts years later in the United States and beyond as the light show advanced into more elaborate design presentations. Today's standards with light shows are defined as lighting design productions and are quite spectacular with many complex details that make the light show memorable. There are 3 main aspects to a live festival, concert tour and or a special event with lighting, sound and performance. Each of these main aspects are easily modifiable for larger productions and allow for increased performances.

After decades of laser light shows with a wide array of events and productions worldwide it does seems to appear that laser shows are here to stay for the foreseeable future. The modern technology of today advances laser show projector systems with greater capability with wider selections of color spectrums, scanning applications and laser design software. Laser light shows today are seeing the demands for 3D lasers increase with the newer more futuristic looking concert tours and electronic music festivals or open airs. Corporate events, trade shows and conventions have also been in the past 5 years taken more of an interest in laser show rental services to entertain the newer younger audience or event goers.