Indoor Concert Laser Show and Lighting - Full Color by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Festivals and concerts love to add visual stage laser show effects to many performances and presentations to give the audience or crowd an extra boost of "WOW" factor. Indoor or outdoor festivals are when themed local events are designed with large attendance with mainstream stage productions including laser light shows. Indoor or outdoor concerts are high level stage production designs with high power laser light shows for large crowds in attendance. The high power laser light show stage designs in many productions are emanating from many parts of the stage and surrounding areas around the stage. These specialized types of production designs allow for the audience to be completely surrounded by carefully programmed patterns, rays of vibrant color spectrums and choreographed scenes of visual special effects. The high power laser light show projection systems themselves can be rigged from above the stage or performance areas from lighting trussing or individually supported based on the complete existing production design. The laser light show projection systems can also be placed from elevated supports from stage right or left at any height above 10ft to ensure crowd or audience safety with class IV lasers. The stage itself can have laser light show projectors placed directly on the stage deck but require advanced programming to avoid any performers or artists while on stage and have the lasers programmed above the audience or crowd at an extreme angle.

Festivals are normally local event productions with standard stage production design but as some festivals grow in total size or popularity the level of lighting, sound and special effects increase simular to a full concert tour as far as the over all stage production design. The production design is a major part of the over all event that showcases the performer, band or artist. Many design incorporate lasers into the productions in most cases to make an impact on the visual aspects of the presentation or preformance.