NASA 2015 Laser ISS Space Moon by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Joint ventures with the US government Space Agency NASA and the DNC along with Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide to project a super high energy laser beam directly at the Moon for a science project. This spectacular Space Force Facility or Cape Canaveral launch platform with the laser placement location for the Moon Projection from TEPW or Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide. History was being made with this project with the highest power visible 532Nm spectrum laser to ever be projected at the Moon and from the Kennedy Space Center or Space Force Facility. The World News Media spent hours filming the giant sky laser and seems to be friendly and helpful in broadcasting the laser across the news agencies. It's quite a spectacle to witness this incredible sight from the ground at the KSC or Kennedy Space Center-Space Force Facility. This sky laser was brightly illuminating the entire area around the the Space Center and was reported by the local commercial aircraft by the FAA from hundereds of miles or kilometers away. The aircraft said the laser was so bright even from 200 miles or kilometers away that the laser appreared to be close to the aircraft but in fact the FAA told the aircraft it was far away and located at the Kennedy Space Center pointing or aiming straight up 90 degrees in a 3 mile bubble classified airspace around the Space Center.

NASA is quite known for their spectacular projects and the DNC was the main request to draw more public attention to the NASA Space Program and the current and future projects that break the limits of modern technology. It is important the DNC and NASA have the publics interest and support for all the amazing projects as the funding comes from tax payers and corporate giants. Lasers will always be a major asset to many of the projects with the Space Program.