NASA KSC Sky Laser ISS Space Laser Science by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

The International Space Station laser system was approved by the Johnson Space Center to be projected from the Kennedy Space Center or the Space Force in Florida, USA. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide or TEPW is the leading high power laser light projection and display systems manufacturer and service provider. The ISS Space Sky Laser System was developed specifically for NASA and approved use for the DNC special science projects at the KSC. The ISS Space Laser was projected at the International Space Station or ISS from the Earth's horizon to horizon from zero degrees to 90 degrees straight up and from 90 degrees to 0 while tracking the Space Station across the sky with the high power laser. This high power laser was requested by the DNC to demonstrate how the laser can track the Space Station for many commercial project uses with communications and data transfer and an extreme fast transfer rate. This particular high power laser light show system is designed more for the visual light show value of laser display tracking.

The Space Station only goes over Florida on specific days and times and that required an ultra high power laser light show due to the daylight during the fly over at the Kennedy Space Center or Cape Canaveral. This particular ISS project was approved by the NASA raidiation safety process as required by governmental regulations and standards for government contractors like Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide. Lasers are now becoming more useful with advancing many industries around the globe including the aerospace and the Space industries. NASA and the DNC only contract leading industries for their projects as quality and project production are key factors for research and science ventures with the United States Government. The pride and honor received from contracts granted by NASA and the DNC is indescribable to a laser company.