NASA KSC Sky Laser Moon Laser Light Beam by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

This is the largest most powerful laser projection system designed to impact the surface of the Moon that was projected from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in the United States of America. Nasa or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration specifically requested the laser light production and manufacturing company Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide for the historical project task. The Moon is 238,900 miles or 384,400 kilometers away from the Planet Earth in distance. The extreme powerul sky laser light projection was seen from the ground by commercial aircraft from hundreds of miles or kilometers away from the Kennedy Space Center as reported by the "US FAA" or the United States Federal Aviation Administration. All commercial aircraft were baned from the Kennedy Space Center's airspace as it was deemed classified by NASA. A formal NOTAM 7140 form was provided as notification to the US FAA as a formality requirement but for the Kennedy Space Center or "KSC" is part of the Patrick Space Force base and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station recently renamed on December, 9th 2020.

The Moon has been impacted by lasers in the past for measuring distance while reflecting from mirrors that were placed on the Moon from previous Space expeditions. The laser used in the past to hit ot reflect off or from the Moon are lower power systems that are not very visible or barely seem by the human eye. The high power laser projection in this photo image is an extemely high power laser light projection system by combining many hundreds of watts with a fiber driven laser CW wave pulse. This laser was pulsing at 20,000 watts and a powerful CW beam. The laser system at the source was so hot and powerful the insects at night would fly around the beam in a swarm and each insect tried to fly into the laser beam only to be vaporized, incinerated and cooked into a poof of smoke.