NASA KSC Sky Space Laser Orion Rocket Laser by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Powerful sky laser light projection at the Kennedy Space Center near Titusville, Florida for the Orion rocket test launch. The rocket launch laser light projection was directed by NASA to aim at the Planet Mars for the global News Media. NASA later requested the laser projection at class IV high power wattage to impact the ISS International Space Station and the surface of the Moon. Educational and science laser projects contracted Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide rental laser light show company services special laser projects for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration with Orion Mars project. It is amazing to see the high power laser light pierce the sky. The laser once it leaves the Earth's atmosphere you can observe from the ground how the laser beam seems to bend as it travels out into Space outside Earth's atmosphere. Once the high power laser leaves the Earth's atmosphere the laser visibility diminishes due to lack of particles in the vacuum od Space.

The Kennedy Space Center is part of an existing Air Force Base and once a rocket launch is scheduled the military takes full control over the sky by way deemed classified airspace one mile or kilometer around the rocket launch. Classified airspace is where the powerful laser light projection was allowed to be projected in close proximity to the rocket launch. This was the first time a high power visible laser light was granted permission to project inthe the sky during an official NASA rocket launch in history. This educational science request from NASA to provide the laser light on display for 24 hours prior to the rocket launch. Never before has NASA or the DNC requested a high power laser to be displayed prior to a rocket launch. It is an honor to be a high power laser contractor for NASA the leading government Space agency.