Niles IL USA Outdoor Sky Laser Light Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Outdoor extreme high power sky laser light show entertainment for large scale corporate events in Niles, Illinois just outside of Chicago, Illinois. This was an International corporate grand opening event to celebrate the retail flagship store initial opening. High power sky laser shows are spectacular visual attractions that can be seen for many miles or kiloments away in distance. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide offer spectacular high power sky laser light shows all around the globe for a wide array of requests from corporate events to civic events and film shoots. The direct sky laser shows are government regulated and require advanced notice before a high power class IV laser projection into the sky can be confirmed. Normally 3 weeks is the minimum for the advanced notice. This notification required in many Countries to notify aircraft of the potential aviation hazzard in the sky that is brightly illuminated and can interfere with airplane traffic.

Laser light shows started in the 1960's and 1970's as indoor concert tours from rock and roll live performance bands like Pink, Floyd and Let Zepplin with no computers or software. Today laser shows are digital with with advanced software laser control applications. Today lasers utilized for entertainment are mainly full color or spectrum capable and the early lasers did not have those color availabilities. The sky is now available for lasers because technology has advanced leaps and bounds. Laser shows in the sky are accompanied by laser safety officers and aircraft spotters to ensure a safe show in the sky and not to impact air traffic. These safety percautions are regulated simular to professional commercial fireworks displays. Ourdoor sky laser light shows are only performed and presented by professional commercial laser light show companies due to the safety requirements and operational standards with government agencies around the globe. Some Countries have almost no laser regulations where other Countries have extended complex regulations and laws.