Oakland Concert NYE Booking Arena Laser Light Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Spectacular high power laser light shows in the Oakland Arena for an amazing New Years Eve concert. New Years Eve always brings out the large stage productions to entertain the masses of thousands of event goers. Arena events and concerts are extremely large indoor facilities with amazing opportunities for high power laser light shows. The design space or area above the audience is quite large and can support very complex special effect laser graphic light patterns directly above the crowd. Lasers are becoming a staple in our entertainment industry and especially with live events and concert tours. New Years Eve is a favorite of the laser show industries and companies around the globe with high budgets for the very best that creates memorable event moments for all to enjoy. Laser shows and New Years Eve is like peanut butter and jelly and they both naturally belong together.

Beautiful arrays of multi colored laser light patterns can be amazing when choreographed with live entertainment or musical performances. Detailed visual entertainment designed to razzle dazzle while producing the extreme "WOW" factor for event goers or VIP invited guests. The early days of laser shows were simple and mainly associated with rock bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin in the 1970's and Def Leppard in the 1980's. Today laser light shows are some of the most mesmerizing visual entertainment that has advanced from leaps and bounds with moden technology. Software and advanced laser design builds are allowing the laser industry to create state of the art projection systems with specialized software applications. The laser software applications control many parts of the newly designed projection systems that regulate the color spectrum, scan angles and the power output. Laser light shows are now requested for civic events, corporate events, trade shows or conventions and many areas in the entertainment industries.