Regency Laser Scale EDM Event Laser Lights by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Electronic dance music or EDM event, festivals and open airs are some the most popular live productions of today. High power laser light shows are an important part of these very high enery shows that create the spectacular high BPM muscial atmosphere. A wide array of full spectrum or full color laser show aerial graphic special effects perfectly choreographed with the high energy electronic music and existing stage lighting designs. Some of these events or festivals around the globe that have very large attendance level of one hundred thousand and up to six hundred thousand event or festival goers. The increasing size in attendance of these events have brought many requests for extremely powerful laser shows to many far away Countries around the United Kingdon, the United States, Canada and beyond. The event productions are growing and so is the advanced high power Class IV laser technology involved with the intense stage production designs that are strictly created to melt the minds of the audience with laser light special effects traveling up and over the crowd for the maximum effect.

Indoor or outdoor events and festivals require different stage production designs with the very important visual aspects of the stage performance lighting and laser light show design scope. Indoor lasers can be enhanced with theatrical haze so the laser power or output laser enegy can be reduced for the proper indoor settings based on the interior venue size dimensions. Outdoor lasers are more complex with design requirements as the open environment allows for the lasers to project directly into the sky. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide is fully licensed for legal sky laser show but if the design is only for the lasers to be directed around the audience and along ground level. These types of event normally do not request sky shows so they are not entertaining people miles or kilometers away and want the laser shows to be kept up close and personal with the attending crowd.