Slam Tour Concert Laser Show by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

Massive live events or touring concerts are in high demand for unique lighting systems and laser shows for today's top artists and performers. Bollywood is a favorite of stage laser lighting shows implemented into their live concerts and event tours around the globe. Today's top artists, singers and performers once they reach a particular point of their fame and popularity their stage production budgets increase to a very high level to ensure the audience satisfaction. You know when the event has laser light show systems then there is an amazing high profile performance coming. Concert tours from Bollywood are always high level productions with dance performances and theatrical presentations.

The larger the venue is the bigger the laser show production design possibilities. The concert tour promoters and entertainment companies are some of our biggest clients for contracting rental production services for high profile stage laser light show productions. Stage laser shows have come a long way since the 1970's Pink Floyd rock concert laser light shows. Laser technology today has made leaps and bounds in advancements since the early years of major concerts and tours. In our understanding of the history of concert stage lighting special effects were invented by the Pink Floyd rock band and with today's modern technology laser light shows have become one of the centerpieces with mainstream concert tours worldwide.

Today EDM or electronic dance music festivals have become larger in size than mainstream concerts. The difference between the two is there are more arenas and stadiums around the World and the ammount of available venue locations for festivals are far fewer even though the festivals are in fact much larger in attendance. EDM festivals always book or hire high power laser light show companies for thier enhanced stage lighting production. EDM festivals and Bollywood seem to be leading the way for the future of high profile stage lighting designs and productions.