SLAM Tour Laser Show Shah Rukh by Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide

The SLAM World tour with extreme high power stage laser light show choreography custom designed to enhance the performance of Shah Rukh. High profile artists, performers and bands add to the stage lighting design with unique high power laser show special effects. Bollywood style concert tours are in fact worldwide and easliy sell out arenas and stadiums to maximum capacity. High Power laser shows are a major interest to the entertainment industry in India and surrounding Countries. Bollywood concert tours take pride with adding stage laser show rental systems to the over all stage production lighting design. Each song or performance on stage is layered with advanced theatrical lighting and high power stage laser lighting is the extra "WOW" factor level to enhance the excitement of the lighting, performance and visual special effects.

Bollywood concert tours are very spectacular stage performances and dance choreography and with each performance the audience is in amazement when the special effects and laser razzle dazzle. Bollywood takes pride with extreme levels of special effect lasers and the "WOW" factor to keep the crowd on the edge of their seats. It's amazing to expierence the reaction from the soild out crown of thousands when the stage laser blast on taking the audience by suprise. This is the best description of the smiles and reaction from this advanced technology as Bollywood continued to increase their stage production to higher levels years after year. Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide has been honored to provide stage laser production services to Bollywood and all the amazing large scale Bollywood events from around the World over the years. Stage laser shows are carefully programmed to choreograph with the artists or performer in any visable color spectrum or pattern. The colors Black, brown, silver or gold are not actually visable spectral colors that can be produced from a TEPW high power laser system.