Extreme high power laser light shows presented in San Francisco, California for large scale events, corporate trade shows and concert tours around the globe. Full color high power laser light shows can be amazing for large scale attarctions. Laser lighting design are available for huge visual productions around the globe with a wide range of themes or creative designs. Stadiums, arenas and pavilions are fantastic venue environments for very spectacular high power laser light show presentations for concert tours, civic events and or holiday corporate events. The high power laser is becoming quite popular with lighting design applications to create visual amazement for event goers and ticket holders around the globe.

Class IV high power laser show rental production services are normally choreographed with entertainment, product launches and grand presentations or displays. Laser light shows can also be designed for outdoor events and special requests that provide the "wow" factor for invited guests or a large audience. Mainstream productions with top level artists, performers and presentations can have very detailed choreography with laser light show stage productions. The lighting design always allows for the special effects to be focused on specific aspects of the event to really increase the level of production to the next level.

Promoters and event entertainment companies have always saved room in their budgets to take the audience or crowd attending to the ultimate level of visual amazement. Some performers or artists have requirements for high power laser shows to be available for their performances on stage. An artist rider is a list of requests and criteria set for the artist performance and this includes the stage lighting and special effect laser light show presentations from the stage. These presentations for for the appeal to the audience for the visual aspects of building hype of excitement with the artist performance.