Extreme laser display advertising for large stadium grass fields combined with advanced laser projection mapping directly onto the grass playing field. These advanced laser display technologies when combined will create amazing corporate laser logos, laser slogans and brand marketing or product advertising displays on a very large scale easliy viewable by the enire stadium from any point in the stadium. Entertainment laser systems and laser display advertising systems combined are open doorways to amazing creative animated displays. American football stadiums in the United States or USA, soccer stadiums in the United Kingdom or UK and other professional sports stadiums around the globe are in search of new methods of advertising or displaying. Stadiums are always open to other venue bookings outside of the sporting industry and allow for private corporate events for employees and invited guests for very large corporations and private individuals. The grass field is still a fantastic center piece for a high power laser graphic animated commercial with custom narration on the stadiums sound system. There can also be just a simple logo projection or text for a more direct presentation display or specific themed requests.

Powerful laser projection mapping technology is available around the World easily capable or available to take a particular vision or design and transform it in front of thousands of people attending or event goers at the stadium. Laser media will be the future of stadium field displays. The stadium is centered around the playing grass field and that field becomes open to options at times that are right in front of the entire venue attendees for all to view 360 degrees around. Laser projection mapping on fields in stadiums are speciffically programmed and designed for everyone all the way around the circumference of the entire stadium for easy viewing or visibility with brightly illuminated laser projection mapping content with your designs or ads.